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IDA Presents Guardian Award To
Brenda Pane Of Castro Valley, California

In Defense of Animals is proud to present our Guardian Award to Brenda Pane of Castro Valley, California.

Brenda lives with her boyfriend, her pit bull mix Matuzak, and her seventeen year old tortoise shell cat Pickle. Both companions were adopted from Fairmont Shelter in Alameda County as was her recently Guardian Award Brenda Panedeparted pit bull mix Athena. This is where Brenda volunteered weekly for seventeen years before its recent closure. You could find her at the shelter every Tuesday on her shift as a dog feeder.

Since 2006, she also coordinated all the volunteer dog feeders and made sure dogs had treats and water and a blanket for their night at the shelter. Brenda always did much more than the minimum required. She would get into the cages with the new arrivals, take off imbedded collars, comb out matted hair, and check the temperament of the dogs.

In addition to seventeen years worth of weekly volunteering to feed the dogs, Brenda was an integral part of the Friends of Fairmont Animal Shelter (FOFAS) volunteer organization in other important ways. She could be found during shelter holidays walking dogs and checking the night drop boxes. Brenda was also active in FOFAS outreach, encouraging adoption and spay and neuter in the community. She also volunteered at Fairmont's low cost vaccination clinics. When the closure of Fairmont was announced, Brenda became active in the fight to keep it open for the animals. She was one of the committed leaders holding rallies and lobbying the Board of Supervisors.

Brenda's attention to detail and commitment to excellent care extends to her companions at home. They are the center of her life. Matuzak has a consistent regimen of baths and grooming, feeding and walks, and tooth-brushing. You can find Pickle sunning herself and eating kitty grass in her special cat room and Matuzak sprawled out on the couch in the living room.

Brenda adores cats as much as dogs. She has cared for Pickle since kitten-hood, and she gave special attention to hundred of cats at Fairmont Animal Shelter. She is also a committed volunteer for Fix Our Ferals, an organization devoted to reducing the feral cat population and improving the lives of feral cats. They hold monthly spay and neuter clinics where Brenda has worked every month for seven years. Brenda is a team leader at the Dublin clinic and a key part of the team at the Oakland clinic. She gives each cat special attention, making sure to check them thoroughly for any extra care she can give them beyond spay and neuter, such as a tooth extraction or tick removal or abscess repair.

Brenda has also been volunteering at Hayward Animal Control. She walks dogs and takes dogs to adoption events at PetSmart every weekend.

Brenda's compassion extends beyond companion animals - she is a committed vegan. She educates others about veganism with her great cooking skills, educational emails, and by reaching out to those she knows in the veterinary field and animal rescue movement. Brenda is a regular supporter of animal organizations and participates in demonstrations against the circus every time a one tours her area.

Brenda demonstrates to IDA and others the true nature and dedication of a guardian. We are honored to give her a Guardian Award.

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