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Animal News Weekly - April 25, 2014

Bittersweet Victory in Kentucky

In Defense of AnimalsJust last week, we let you, our supporters, know about the outrageous actions of the Senate Agriculture Committee in Kentucky, and we invited worldwide comment on this committees' reprehensible attempt to attach an ag-gag amendment to a bill banning the use of gas chambers in the state. Previously we had sent out alerts only to our Kentucky members, but we felt this behavior was so outrageous, that people everywhere would want the opportunity to speak up and hopefully discourage these same politicians, or others who might be thinking of doing the same type of thing in other states, from doing so. We are thrilled to be able to report that your efforts, and the efforts of many groups and individuals involved, made the difference. Thousands of emails were sent and many calls were made and eventually the corrupted "ban gas chambers, but endorse animal cruelty on factory farms" bill, HB 222, died last week at the end of the Kentucky legislative season.

A great bill was ruined by legislators catering to the financial interests of the animal agriculture industry, and the bill’s author, Kentucky State Representative Joni Jenkins, was forced to withdraw her support of her own bill as a response. Please thank her for doing the right thing while so many of her colleagues are doing the wrong thing.

Click here to take action no matter where you live.

 There Is A Better Way, But Only With Your Help Now
In Defense of Animals

Earlier this week we asked for your help in supporting a humane and compassionate solution to managing populations of urban deer. Scenic and historic places like Rock Creek State Park have seen the bloody mass murder of their herds of urban deer, baited into shooting range and then callously gunned down without regard. The National Park Service has used your tax-payer dollars to fund these brutal murders in the name of "management."

Working with concerned volunteers and citizen-scientists with the same compassion and vision as our supporters, IDA has already moved forward with a pilot program in the small New York town of Hastings-on-Hudson. With an attitude towards true stewardship, Hastings-on-Hudson has begun administering the immunocontraceptive vaccine PZP to deer living in the community. This pilot study will demonstrate the efficacy and cost effectiveness of this humane alternative so that other cities and towns across the country can follow their lead and embrace compassion over killing.

Your support on this issue is greatly appreciated but unfortunately, more is always needed. We would like to ensure that this humane program is repeated many times and in many towns like Hastings-on-Hudson. Please help us to ensure the safety of our urban deer by supporting IDA and our work promoting kindness and stewardship.

Please give now as generously as you are able to help IDA stop urban deer slaughter and fund the nation’s first immunocontraception project for free-roaming urban deer at Hastings-on-Hudson.

IDA Co-Sponsors New York State Lobby Day

In Defense of Animals

Register Today for State Lobby Day on May 6, 2014 in Albany, New York

IDA is very excited to announce that once again this year we are co-sponsoring this year’s Lobby Day for Animals in New York.

Last year's Lobby Day for Animals was a huge success with dozens of activists meeting with legislators in Albany to speak on behalf of animals. Let’s make this year's Lobby Day even bigger!

There are three important pieces of animal legislation up for vote in New York. Lobby Day is a great opportunity for our New York supporters to meet with legislators to help get these three important bills enacted into law.

The three animal-friendly bills we want to help get passed are:

1. Ban Wildlife Shooting Contests

2. Prohibit Devocalization

3. Prohibit Extreme Confinement of Farmed Animals

What will the day look like?

Our friends at the League of Humane Voters (LOHV) will first give an orientation and then organize activists into lobbying teams in the Terrace Lounge (street level) of the Legislative Office Building (LOB) in Albany from 10:45 am to 12:00 noon. We will then lobby from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm.

There will be a bus from New York City to Albany and back ($20 roundtrip).

Please Register Here

Contact Anja at if you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing you!

Update on 17 Rescued
Starving Horses and 6 Donkeys

In Defense of Animals

Convictions in Two Horrific Animal Cruelty Cases Overshadowed by Court's Sentencing Limits

Cruelty investigator, Doll Stanley, from IDA's Hope Animal Sanctuary (HAS) was in court twice last week on two high profile animal cruelty cases. On Tuesday, April 15, Doll appeared in a Yalobusha County courtroom for the arraignment of Oli Jordan from Water Valley, Mississippi. Mr. Jordan was charged in the starvation of a herd of 25 horses, including six horses who had perished before we became aware of the situation and intervened. We first told you about this cruelty case in February. IDA has since received custody of the surviving horses and they are all recovering.

Then, on Thursday, April 17, 2014, Doll appeared in a Tallahatchie County courtroom for the arraignment of Jason Smith of Cascilla, Mississippi. Mr. Smith was charged in the starvation of his six donkeys, including five who perished. We told you about this case in March. The sole surviving donkey, Dodger, is recovering and doing well at our sanctuary.

Unfortunately, the State of Mississippi doesn't take crimes committed against "livestock" animals seriously and the charges these two men faced were nothing compared to the cruelty they inflicted.

Read more about this case from our press release here.

 IDA India Helps the Most Innocent Victims 

In Defense of AnimalsOne type of rescue IDA India makes very often is of the small Spitz/Pomeranian dogs who are frequently abandoned and always in trouble on the roads of Mumbai. As these dogs are a popular breed and quite cheap to buy in India, many people actually do buy them. Many times after purchase, the dogs are neglected and allowed to wander and get lost or simply thrown away. These dogs are small and weak, vulnerable to attack by other street dogs, and generally quite helpless when it comes to looking after themselves.

Our last rescue of one of these dogs was a tiny female who had a maggot-infested wound and a fractured leg. She also turned out to be pregnant. It’s unsettling to imagine the hardships she went through on the streets.

However, in our care she has thrived. Too far along to abort the pregnancy, she gave birth to two pups at our facility, but only one survived. The surviving pup is tiny but quite healthy and absolutely irresistible. We named him Snowflake.

Click here to read more.

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