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Animal News Weekly - July 24, 2014

Stop All Bird Poisoning at Bush Airport

In Defense of Animals

Encourage Houston's Mayor to Investigate Bird Poisoning at Bush Airport in Texas

Hundreds of birds were poisoned and killed at Bush Intercontinental Airport this past weekend as part of a cruel and inhumane effort to reduce the health and safety risks posed by birds that can best be described as misguided.

People watched in shock as birds were falling out of sky, crashing onto cement and flapping around in pain and agony, while showing seizure-like convulsions. One observer noted that one of the affected birds, a great-tailed grackle, took a full hour to die—"sometimes struggling to move his legs, sometimes appearing paralyzed with his beak open for several minutes at a time."

The birds were baited with Avitrol-poisoned corn kernels by a United Airlines-hired “pest” control operator. Avitrol is a controversial toxicant that has been banned in New York state since 2000 for cruelty concerns, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has rightly limited its use (though it should be completely prohibited).

Make this the last time that Houston’s airport is allowed to mass-poison birds.

Click here to take action.

Stop the Killing of Thousands of Cormorants

In Defense of AnimalsUS Army Corps of Engineers Seeks to Kill 16,000 Cormorants in Oregon

For the last several years on the Columbia River, the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) have been trapping, brutally branding, and killing sea lions for eating salmon. Sea lions have been scapegoated for the decline of salmon on the river, when in fact the reason for salmon decline is loss of habitat, dams, pollution, and over-fishing.

Well, here we go again.

Now the Army Corps has double-crested cormorants in its crosshairs. The Army Corps now blames cormorants for salmon decline and is proposing a plan to kill the birds in their nesting grounds on East Sand Island, at the mouth of the Columbia River. If this lethal removal plan is approved, up to 16,000 cormorants could be shot.

Click here to take action.

 Ringling Demo and Animal Rights
Conference Wrap Up

In Defense of Animals

Earlier this month, IDA participated two great events in Los Angles, California. The first was the opening night of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus at the Staples Center. We had been heavily promoting the opening night demonstration through alerts and on social media and we were not disappointed in the turn-out. Hundreds of activists made their presence felt with colorful costumes and a wide variety of signs. IDA supplied bilingual fliers and posters, and thousands of people were made aware of the suffering elephants and other animals endure in circuses like Ringling Bros.

Educational outreach continued on the next day at the LAX Westin Hotel where the 2014 Animal Rights Conference held by FARM and sponsored by IDA and other groups began. At the conference, we launched IDA’s new Sustainable Activism Campaign, and many of our staff spoke about their important work and their campaign goals and strategies. Our booth was well stocked with literature and our new Ban Ivory/Save Elephants and Adopt series of shirts were instant best sellers. Our long time favorite vegan shirts were also as popular as ever. IDA is proud to play a part in both these important annual events.

The Lifelong Activist: How to Be Happy
in a World Full of Suffering

In Defense of AnimalsWelcome to the first Lifelong Activist advice column for animal activists and advocates, part of IDA's Sustainable Activism Campaign. Our expert is Hillary Rettig, author of "The Lifelong Activist: How to Change the World Without Losing Your Way" (Lantern Books, 2006) and "The 7 Secrets of the Prolific: The Definitive Guide to Overcoming Procrastination, Perfectionism, and Writer's Block" (Infinite Art, 2011). Hillary will be answering one question every month.

Got a question you'd like Hillary to answer? Email her here, and visit her website for more information on Hillary and her work.

Dear Hillary:  "How do I enjoy myself when so many horrors go on continually?"

Dear Animal Activist:

Thank you for your question, which was actually the most-submitted one. It saddens me to think that so many animal activists—whom I truly consider to be among the best and noblest people on the planet—struggle to find joy. As I hope to convince you, it is not only possible to be joyful in a world filled with suffering, I think it is imperative that animal activists and advocates learn to do so.

Click here to read more

Community Dogs of Mumbai

In Defense of AnimalsDogs living on the streets of Mumbai, India cannot all be called strays, as many are cared for by people living around them. They are community dogs. In this update from IDA-India, we share the tale of two such community dogs who were recently cared for.

Lali lives in a temple where a group of animal lovers takes care of her and feeds her. Her caretakers recently brought Lali to IDA-India's rescue center for help after her leg was broken from a beating by an unknown person. During her recovery, Lali was visited by her caretakers, Abhijit Bhike and Anil Mishra. She was so happy to see them both and clearly didn't want them to go. They too were very happy to see Lali recovering.

In a separate incident, a dog was brought in by one of his guardians, a taxi driver, in bad shape. He had been accidentally run over by a vehicle. His injuries were severe, but his recovery has been miraculous. One of these caretakers, Vithoba Krishna Patil, has visited him several times. Vithoba and four other fellow taxi drivers care for and feed this dog, we’ve named Tempo.

Both dogs are recovering well and will go back after full recovery to their homes, where they will live under the watchful eyes of their guardians. Our IDA-India staff feel satisfied at having played a crucial role in bringing them back to good health.

Thank you to our supporters worldwide for helping us give dogs like Lali and Tempo second chances. 

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