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  March 18, 2010
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Dog in Chile after March 2010 earthquakeAnother Earthquake - IDA Sending Aid To Chile

On February 27, Chile experienced a magnitude 8.8 earthquake, followed by two tsunamis and several weeks of aftershocks.

IDA has already committed $5,000 to Socorro Animal Chile, SACH (Animal Relief Chile), a coalition of Chilean animal protection organizations. SACH sends three veterinarian-led teams into the field daily. We would like to send SACH even more assistance, as the need is enormous. Please help IDA continue to respond to natural disasters by contributing to our  Disaster Relief Fund.

Funds IDA raises to help animals in Chile will be used to provide:

  • Emergency sheltering for rescued animals
  • Search and rescue efforts
  • please donate button grey redIn-field first aid
  • In-field sustenance (food/water program)
  • Animal transport
  • Temporary clinics to treat animals
  • Support for spay/neuter and adoption programs
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watotoIDA Tells USDA - Stop Dangerous Elephant Breeding Practices

This week IDA filed complaints with the USDA against four zoos – the Houston Zoo, Oklahoma City Zoo, St. Louis Zoo, and Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. IDA says these zoos' elephant breeding practices violate the federal Animal Welfare Act by knowingly exposing elephant calves to an unacceptably high risk of infection with the mostly fatal elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus (EEHV). IDA is urging the USDA to stop the reckless breeding of elephants in herpes-affected zoos by adopting a policy that protects innocent calves from unnecessary suffering and horrific deaths.

Please click here to send a quick fax to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack on behalf of elephants in zoos.

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Cloud by Ginger KathrensWill Your Senators And Representative Help Wild Horses And Burros?

We are so appreciative of your recent efforts on behalf of America’s wild horses and burros. As the Department of Interior's (DOI) budget for fiscal year 2011 moves through the complex Congressional appropriations process, Secretary Salazar and his staff have testified at several Congressional hearings, asking for more money for his bad wild horse and burro proposal.

We must now pressure our federal representatives in the House and Senate to stop wasting tax dollars on the Obama-Salazar business-as-usual plan for the wild horse and burro program.

Now is the time to intensify our efforts – please contact your Representative and Senators (U.S., not state) to find out their position. Urge them to take a personal, principled stand against the government’s program, which is bad for Americans and bad for wild horses. Click here to contact your federal representatives now.

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kenneth williams go vegan t shirtVegan Bodybuilder Kenneth Williams Hosts Undercover TV

Undercover TV is IDA's innovative television series that exposes the extreme animal cruelty deliberately hidden from the American public. This revolutionary half-hour television program takes viewers where other shows won't - inside factory farms, vivisection labs, fur operations, puppy mills, and other cruel industries.

Most people never see how animals used for food, clothing or experiements are treated, because those who profit from their suffering keep them hidden behind locked doors. By showing happy animated animals on TV commercials, they depict the treatment of animals inaccurately. Undercover TV presents investigative videos to show the public the truth about the mistreatment of animals in society.

Click here to view sample episodes online.

UTV currently airs in: Madison, Wis.; Spokane, Wash.; Fairfax, Va.; Arlington, Va.; Philadelphia, Pa.; Ashland, Ore.; Portland, Ore.; Poughkeepsie, N.Y.; Fargo, N.D.; Greensboro, N.C.; Battle Creek, Mich.; Ann Arbor, Mich.; Cape Cod, Mass.; Hartford, Conn.; Santa Barbara, Calif.; Monterey, Calif.; Modesto, Calif.; and coming soon to Chicago, Ill. and Raleigh, N.C.

If your city doesn't yet air Undercover TV, take action by volunteering for our nationwide video distribution network. As a resident of any city, you can submit episodes of Undercover TV to your community public access station. All it takes is dropping off some tapes every few weeks.

Each episode of Undercover TV aired in your community can awaken thousands of people to the reality of animal exploitation - something most television viewers would otherwise never see. If you would like to bring Undercover TV to your area, contact and we'll show you how.

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