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International Day for South Korean Dogs and Cats

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International Day Of Action For South Korean Dogs And Cats
Just A Few Days Away

IDA South Korean dogs posterIDA has been buzzing with activity in preparation for our International Day of Action for South Korean Dogs and Cats. We organized over 40 events in 6 countries focusing worldwide attention on the plight of dogs and cats tortured, killed and eaten in South Korea. South Korean embassy and consulate workers in the U.S. and Canada will spend their lunchtime on August 16 viewing our signs and reading our brochures outside their buildings. Our new, powerful poster that you can download for free sends the message that dogs are friends, not food.

Activists have been working hard coordinating events and creatively spreading the message. One of our amazing coordinators in Boston created this t-shirt for our Day of Action. Others are having letter-writing events at veggie restaurants, encouraging participants to write letters to South Korean officials and letters to the editor. Check here to see if there is an event near you. If not, you can still participate in our virtual demo!

South Korean busOne of our South Korean partners, Korean Animal Rights Advocates (KARA), will commemorate the last of the three Bok days (dog-eating days) on August 13, riding the striking blue bus bearing IDA’s logo, and the slogan: “Tears of Boknal: Dogs are the same. There is no dog for meat,” attracting attention everywhere it goes. Activists will make stops at Insadong, Myeong-dong, and Gangnam station to hand out leaflets.

Our other partner, Coexistence for Animal Rights on Earth (CARE), recently came to the aid of a dog who, tied to a pole, was being beaten mercilessly by an elderly couple, until a woman who used to feed him saved his life and brought him to CARE. He was then rushed to the nearest veterinary hospital. With a cracked skull and broken jaw, he underwent numerous surgeries and now, fully recovered, Jang su (meaning “long live”) has been adopted by the hospital. CARE is pursuing legal action against this couple and gathering signatures from supporters to ask the government to amend the Animal Protection Law.

CARE dog meat demo in South KoreaWe are delighted that a number of Korean-Americans have written to us about IDA’s campaign on behalf of the dogs and cats in South Korea. Here is one:

Rescuer Eugene Kim said, "I support IDA's efforts to end the consumption of cats and dogs in South Korea. It’s true that cruelty to animals has no boundaries and it must end!"

Click here to read a debate about this issue in The Korea Herald.

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