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Utah - Stop Big Ag's Push To Hide Animal Abuse

Call Gov. Herbert today - tell him to not make it illegal to document cruelty

In recent years, undercover investigators have successfully exposed horrific cruelty in the animal agriculture industry on video and in photos. Instead of improving conditions for animals and workers, ABC News - man abusing calf"Big Ag" is trying to draw a curtain over their dirty operations.

Utah legislators recently introduced a bill making it illegal to document, possess, or distribute any video or photographs of farm activity.

The bill just passed the Utah House and the Senate, and it is on the Governor's desk, awaiting his signature. Please call Governor Herbert today and ask him to veto HB 187. His phone numbers are 801-538-1000 and 800-705-2464. Talking points are below.

This so-called "ag-gag" bill is a violation of free speech rights and an attack on brave activists and journalists who risk their personal safety to expose the horrible cruelty of factory farms.

HB 187 is being condemned by freedom of speech groups as unconstitutional. It is designed to keep consumers and the public in the dark about what is really going on in factory farms. The public has the right to know about illegal and unethical practices on farms including food safety issues, environmental degradation, and blatant animal abuse.

Lawmakers should be holding animal agribusiness accountable for cruelty - not helping to prevent the public from viewing it.

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Please call Governor Herbert today! His phone numbers are: 801-538-1000 and 800-705-2464. Talking points are below. Thank you!

Talking points:

  • I oppose HB 187, and I request that Governor Herbert veto HB 187.
  • HB 187 makes it illegal to record sounds or images on farms in the state of Utah. This is unconstitutional and excessive.
  • There are already extensive trespassing laws that protect private property owners.
  • Lawmakers should be holding animal agribusiness accountable for cruelty, not helping to prevent the documentation of it.
  • As a compassionate Utah resident, I ask you to please veto HB 187.

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