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May 24, 2012

South Korea dog farmIDA Unveils South Korean Dog Undercover Investigation

As IDA supporters, we invite you to be the first to read about IDA's undercover investigation of the horrific South Korean dog and cat meat industry. View shocking undercover video and photos of the cruel and deadly farms, the open-air Moran Market, and the slaughterhouse. See the dogs and cat IDA saved from being slaughtered for human consumption. Learn about the very serious public health risks associated with eating dog and cat meat, and then sign our new petition to the South Korean government.

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Piccadilly Circus elephantIDA Blows Whistle On Piccadilly Circus Elephant Handler, Leading To Arrest

Elephant handler Frank Murray will finally face the animal cruelty charges he has been evading for sixteen years. IDA recently tipped off law enforcement in New Jersey to the fact that Murray was traveling with the Piccadilly Circus in the state and that he had an outstanding warrant for "inflicting unnecessary cruelty towards a living animal and not providing proper sustenance to a living animal." Armed with the old warrant and a photo of Murray, both provided by IDA, a detective from the Law Enforcement Division of the New Jersey SPCA went to the circus and arrested him. Murray, reportedly shocked and unhappy, posted bail and rejoined the circus.

Piccadilly Circus elephant handler MurrayMurray has two elephants, Topsy and Annette, who are forced to give rides and perform with a variety of circuses. The Piccadilly Circus continues to travel the east coast and Murray is thought to be with the circus still. IDA will continue to monitor this situation to ensure that justice prevails and Murray is properly sentenced. Stay tuned for further developments!

What you can do:New England dates are coming up, beginning in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. If the circus is coming to your town (click here for the schedule; choose your state to see performance dates):

  1. Inform city officials about the history of abuse this circus brings with it. Urge them to prohibit all circuses using wild animals.
  2. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper in opposition to the circus.
  3. Visit the circus and monitor the elephants. If you can do this, please contact for more information and tips.
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cute pigs, credit: istockTime To Plan Your Summer Vegan Advocacy

Summer is almost here and people are emerging after a long winter to resume outdoor activities. This is an excellent time to educate your community about the joys of being vegan! IDA has the perfect tool for outreach with our Reason for Vegan brochure. Vegan advocacy is as easy as handing out these informative brochures at your local farmers’ market or shopping areas. Click here to read more, order brochures, ask questions, and post your own ideas on our blog.

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Animal Advocates Logo 2011Monthly Giving Program Helps Animals In Tough Times

You think you got it rough in this economy? Most of our lives are still pretty comfortable compared to an elephant in a circus, a pig in a gestation crate, a duck on a foie gras farm, or a homeless cat scrounging around dumpsters for food. IDA's Animal Advocates monthly giving program provides the predictable, reliable support that is so vital to ensuring we can respond to emergencies and come to the immediate assistance of animals in need. Click here to learn more.

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