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We Did It Together! Justice For Big Boy

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Dear Friend:

We often tell you that we can't help animals without you, and it's never been truer than today.

As we honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we renew our commitment to fight injustice every day. We just got news late on Friday that our fight for justice for Big Boy, an elk who lived peacefully in Boulder, Colorado before he was heartlessly gunned down by a police officer, is paying off.

Memorial for elk Big Boy

Memorial for Big Boy,
credit: Beth Parker Humphrey

Due in part to the huge response from IDA members and supporters, we are proud to report that felony charges have been filed against the officer who shot Big Boy and another who allegedly helped plot the killing! Once again you have inspired us, helping to create the just world Dr. King could only dream about.

IDA's Rita Anderson, a Boulder resident, helped mobilize that community, coordinating efforts to hold the Boulder police chief accountable for his department's actions. And while Rita was working within Boulder, other IDA staff around the country worked to generate over 25,000 petition signatures and emails from IDA supporters like you to Colorado officials on behalf of Big Boy, also known as "the Mapleton Elk."

Unfortunately, this is only one of many cruelty cases IDA is involved in. Every day, IDA's Emergency Response Unit (ERU) tackles horrific instances of animal abuse head-on. How much good we can do depends on the support of caring people like you.

Please click here to donate $5 or more today. Help ensure that IDA's ERU can always be ready to leap into action when innocent animals need us.

Pearl, dog from cruelty caseRight this minute, we are working on a heartbreaking case in Hebron, Indiana. Pearl, a family dog, was lured from her home and into a Conibear trap, where she slowly suffocated to death. In Riviera Beach, Florida, a young pit bull was tied to a fence, doused in flammable liquid, and fatally set on fire. IDA, with your support, is on the case there, too, to find the killer and see justice done.

IDA also spearheads many rescue and relocation efforts. Just yesterday, IDA's Eric Phelps in Portland, Oregon greeted Sandie and Bayley, two dog friends who are being relocated in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy from hard-hit Lavallette, New Jersey. The dogs' guardian, Jill, lost everything - including her home - and has been unable to find housing that will accept her beloved companions. Jill ultimately made the emotional decision to give up her precious dogs and has entrusted IDA to find them new loving homes.

Pledging rewards to catch dangerous animal-cruelty offenders, conducting investigations, and planning and executing rescue efforts are very expensive. Even though we keep our costs down, recruit volunteers, and work countless hours off-the-clock, we still struggle to meet the financial demands of this critical work. IDA refuses to sit by when animals need us, and we know you feel the same deep desire to save our innocent animal friends from all kinds of cruelty and mistreatment.

Please, take a moment and donate. Give $5 or more to help IDA's Emergency Response Unit expand its critical, life-saving work. So many innocent animals are counting on us, and we are counting on you.

Your support truly makes a world of difference to animals in need. The truth is, we can't do it without you.

Joe Haptas


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Joe Haptas, Executive Director

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