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Animal News Weekly - August 29, 2013

Get Sears to Go Pro-Wildlife

What is it with Sears and its lack of compassion toward animals?In Defense of Animals

After Sears was pressured into canceling their sponsorship of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, the notorious exploiters of animals for entertainment, the company still used captive wild animals in their promotions. In one, a captive shark died. Later, a capuchin monkey was used, and recently the retailer promoted the slaughter of wild animals by advertising t-shirts stating, "I love wolf hunting," and "Wolf Hunting Rocks."

Shame on Sears!

Needless to say, it is inappropriate, inhumane and simply appalling to exploit animals this way, whether it entails the use of captive and trained animals for commercial purposes, or as now, to promote anti-wolf and anti-wildlife propaganda on their clothing.

Ask Sears to promise to never again promote anti-wildlife rhetoric. Instead, Sears should encourage pro-wildlife and co-existence messages.

Please take action by clicking here.

Victory for Wildlife in California

In Defense of AnimalsThanks in part to our California supporters who spoke up when we recently sent an alert, California has banned the cruelest of deaths of wildlife by trappers!

On Monday, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Assembly Bill 789, which will put an end to many of the cruel practices used by private "nuisance" wildlife control operators.

The bill outlaws the most heinous methods of animal killing, such as drowning, chest crushing, and injection with toxic chemicals such as nail polish remover; it also includes provisions to protect domestic animals from getting killed in Conibears (spine-crushing trapping devices).

"We share this planet with wildlife," Assemblyman Das Williams, the bill's sponsor said. "Animals cannot speak for themselves so we must speak for them and stop their torturous, slow and painful deaths."

"Trapping is barbaric, and has no place in our society." says Anja Heister, IDA's Director of the Wild and Free-Habitats Campaign, "This bill eliminates the most egregious and brutal methods trappers have been be able to employ under the guise of wildlife damage control. It is a great improvement, and we thank our supporters, who came out in huge numbers to support this crucial bill."

New "Adopt & Save a Life" Stickers Are Here

Did you know that almost every type of animal companion is available at your local shelter or through a specialized rescue group?

Often, finding your new animal companions is as easy as finding a rescue group online, or visiting your local shelter. Many people who would never buy dogs or cats from a store unknowingly purchase small animals from pet stores while individuals of those same species die in shelters because no one knows that they are there.

Please commit to never buying any animals, and to always searching for rabbits, rats, horses, and birds as well as dogs and cats through rescue groups and shelters. Their lives are depending on you.

We've made these stickers featuring many of the most-often-killed animals in shelters (and also, in the case of horses, at auctions leading to slaughter), to let people know there is always the option to Adopt & Save A Life. For more information, or to purchase these stickers, please email  or call 415-448-0073 to make arrangements, as we're temporarily having technical issues with our store. They're $1.00 a sheet and all purchases support our lifesaving work. Thank you for caring.


In Defense of Animals   In Defense of Animals

Earthlings - No Longer Blind to Injustice - A Global Day of Action

In Defense of AnimalsOn Saturday, August 24, over 7,000 activists in 41 cities and 17 countries participated in marches for animal liberation.

In Defense of Animals was asked by Direct Action Everywhere to join forces to speak up for our fellow Earthlings. The marches coincided with the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and Martin Luther King's famous "I Have a Dream" speech.

In San Francisco, approximately 150 activists marched down Market Street, through the city, stopping to rally at several locations with ties to animal injustice. The international marches for animal liberation were originally conceived in Tel Aviv, where animal rights activism has surged and the vegan population has increased to 5% over the past nine months. Every march in every city had the same message:


We are all Earthlings
No longer blind to injustice
United for Animal Liberation


A Bittersweet Update From the Field

IDA's Eric Phelps shares a recent experience:

I want to pass along this story of a TNR (trap-neuter-return) project I did recently.

I received a call for help with a family of cats a few weeks ago. The week before last, on the day I was leaving for vacation, I went to check it out. A mom cat and her 3 kittens had found their way into the shed of a 93-year-old woman in North Portland. Arlene, the caregiver, said she didn't like cats, but was feeding them 3 times a day and was clearly VERY concerned about the mom and kittens. We made a plan that I would come back on the Tuesday after I got back from vacation and trap.

On the Monday before the promised trapping, I called Arlene several times to let her know I hadn't forgotten about her cats and that I would be over the next day. She didn't return my call. So I went by Monday night and knocked on the door. No answer. Tuesday morning I continued with our previously outlined plan and went over to trap the cats. I was very fortunate to catch the entire family in less than an hour. As I was about to leave, I called her phone and knocked on the door, but again no response from Arlene. I was getting concerned.

When I was out the previous week Arlene had told me her stomach had been bothering her, and that she had previously survived a bout with cancer. I called the police after I left to check on her and was told she was in the hospital. I just received a call from a friend of Arlene's who told me that Arlene won't be coming back home because she's in the hospital sick with terminal cancer. I told the woman to tell Arlene that the cats are OK, because I felt like she would worry about them from her hospital bed. I feel really fortunate to have been in a position to help both Arlene and her cats.

Thanks to IDA's supporters for allowing us to help all animals in need. To contact Eric Phelps, email

In Defense of Animals In Defense of Animals In Defense of Animals In Defense of Animals


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