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Animal News Weekly - February 13, 2014

End Animal Killing Contests in New York
In Defense of Animals

Protest Squirrel Killing by Holley’s Fire Department!

The firefighters' oath of protecting lives still doesn't mean anything in Holley, New York. The Holley Fire Department is once again gearing up for another "squirrel shoot 'em up" event on February 22.

The appalling "Squirrel Slam," a fundraiser for the Holley Fire Department, is moving forward for the eighth consecutive year despite pleas from the public to cancel it. The "Squirrel Slam" wantonly promotes the mass killing of squirrels. Last year prizes were given to the individuals who killed the largest and heaviest squirrels, often pregnant females and those who may well have recently given birth, leaving their young left alone to starve to death. Children as young as 14 years old will be encouraged to gun down as many of these harmless and unsuspecting animals as possible.

Blasting away defenseless squirrels for fun is sickening, and needs to stop now!

Click here to take action.

 Bay Ridge Civic Association Supports Deer Massacre

In Defense of Animals

Despite offers to manage local deer populations with a non-lethal method, the Bay Ridge Civic Association (BRCA) near Annapolis, MD went ahead and ordered the killing of their community's beloved deer.

The BRCA contracts with the despicable USDA Wildlife Services (WS), whose agents have come to Bay Ridge twice so far to shoot at least eighteen deer in what used to be the sanctuary of these sweet animals and many residents alike; a 90-acre wooded area in the neighborhood.

Shocked and angry residents, and their frightened and scared children who asked their parents to do something to help the deer, were devastated. Here we have a community torn apart over the battle for and against saving the deer.

Tell the Bay Ridge Civic Association to Stop Killing Deer

The Bay Ridge Civic Association not only disregards the wishes of its own residents who want to see their community deer alive and protected, and who prefer nonlethal methods if the deer population needs to be reduced, but they even ignored a generous offer by Wildlife Rescue, Inc. of Maryland to assist with deer sterilization. Instead the BRCA went ahead and ordered the deer to be killed.

Click here to let the BRCA know what you think.

 Do Something Really Special for Your Sweetheart

In Defense of Animals

This Valentine's Day, ask your partner to make a Meatless Monday Pledge! Veganism is about celebrating life by taking care of your health and the health of our planet, and protecting the lives of the animals who share our world. Plant-based diets are very healthy, low in fat, yet high in fiber and essential vitamins and minerals. Plant foods are also naturally cholesterol-free, while meat, dairy, and eggs are extremely high in cholesterol.  Plant-based diets have been shown to lower the risk of many diseases including heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and obesity.  Keeping your arteries plaque-free increases the blood flow to all of our important organs.

So this Valentine's Day, ask your sweetheart to make the commitment. Ask your partner to make a Meatless Monday Pledge.

Click here to read more.

More Dogs Rescued in Mississippi

In Defense of AnimalsIDA's Hope Animal Sanctuary (HAS) investigative team joined law enforcement officers in Panola and Yalobusha Counties to take part in two seizures of mistreated animals.

A Panola County deputy and a state trooper detained a van carrying six puppies and an undisclosed number of chickens. The animals, all crowded in filthy cages, were bound for Laredo, Texas. A check for outstanding warrants turned up a prior conviction for dog fighting on the passenger. HAS Director Doll Stanley advised the officer how to handle seizing the puppies, but before she could advise him on the federal law prohibiting the transport of roosters across state lines for the purpose of fighting, his cell phone dropped the call. Sadly, the van was released with all the chickens, but HAS managed to gain custody of the puppies.

A call made about a Yalobusha County dog who had been chained to a yucca plant for "shelter" in the bitter cold and freezing rain led to his freedom from another night of misery. He was surrendered to HAS, where he is now recovering.

Thank you to all our wonderful supporters, for allowing us to help them.

 IDA India Comes Through For Disfigured Dog

In Defense of AnimalsIDA India's Turbhe Center, which is located near Mumbai, works to sterilize more than 500 animals per month, many of them free-roaming dogs and cats. A few months ago, they were called upon to help a dog, Tony, who had sustained a horrific head injury causing both eyes to bulge out of his head. Tony's concerned caretaker, Mr. Sanjay, brought him to the Turbhe Center for immediate help.

Assistance was rendered at once. Dr. Ghanwat, IDA India's surgeon, determined that both eyes had to be removed to save Tony's life. So, while it was very unfortunate that this suffering dog lost both eyes, IDA India's vet, Dr. Jadhav, was able to help with his other injuries and with the work of both experts, his life was saved, and his pain alleviated.

After ten days, he was returned to his previous location under the watchful eyes of his guardian, Mr. Sanjay and his housing society, where all involved in the care and feeding of this group of dogs keep a close eye on him and they utilize cameras as well. Now he is recovering steadily and Mr. Sanjay takes him for regular walks every day. He and his companions are well fed and happy.

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