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In Defense of Animals
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Animal News Weekly - February 27, 2014

Berkeley's Ground Squirrels and
Gophers Under Attack
In Defense of Animals

The City of Berkeley in California has a proposal before them to pursue the extermination of a significant population (perhaps up to a thousand) of California Ground Squirrels and Western Pocket Gophers located in Cesar Chavez Park, formerly known as Berkeley Landfill, which is situated along the San Francisco Bay. It is suspected that the animals' continued burrowing activity will lead to erosion and eventual toxin leakage impacting water quality in the bay.

Please request that the City Council put the proposal on hold.

More time for scientific research, analysis, and public input is needed to find a more environmentally friendly and ethical way to humanely resolve the issue and to save these animals' lives.

Click here to take action.

 Speak Out Against Violent
Wildlife Killings in Colorado

In Defense of Animals

Just one year ago, thousands of IDA supporters responded to our call for action when two Boulder, Colorado police officers illegally shot and killed a neighborhood elk. You helped us convince District Attorney Stan Garnett to file felony charges against these officers.

Now we need your support to ask District Attorney Garnett to take ALL violent acts against wildlife with the seriousness they deserve.

Several innocent raccoons and geese have been brutally, viciously, and intentionally attacked, with the perpetrators facing insignificant charges or no prosecution at all.

IDA's Rita Anderson became so concerned over the lack of legal action against the perpetrators in these recent wildlife attacks that she wrote an op-ed piece, which ran recently in Boulder's Daily Camera newspaper.

Please click here to take immediate action.

 Record Turnout for Ringling Demo!In Defense of Animals

We want to give a big thanks to all of the IDA supporters who helped make our Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus protest on opening night in Brooklyn, NY, a raging success! Hundreds of advocates joined IDA and a coalition of animal protection, student, and political organizations to protest Ringling on February 20th, making it, we believe, the largest circus demo on the East Coast for the second year in a row.

Click here to read more.

Community Cat Shelters: A How To Guide

In Defense of AnimalsIf you have worked on a trap-neuter-return (TNR) project with feral cats, please consider creating a few shelters for the cats to curl up in. It can be the difference between life and death during severely cold weather like we’ve been having recently, but your work will be appreciated by cats all year round who will recognize them as safe havens.

Shelters are inexpensive, easy to build, and you can make several at one time. Minimal carpentry experience is required. Building shelters and putting them out all year round really helps feral cat populations stay healthy and happy, but the shelters are especially important to keep out snow and rain and hold in warmth during the winter.

Follow this link for a set of basic instructions on how to build your own community cat shelter.

 Milou is Safe and Happy in His Special Home

In Defense of AnimalsIn April 2010, then five-month-old Milou was orphaned when a poacher killed his mother to supply the illegal ape meat trade in Cameroon, Africa. A month later, IDA-Africa rescued baby Milou and brought him to our Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center in Cameroon’s beautiful Mbargue Forest.

Almost two years later, Milou lost his left eye in a terrible accident at the Center. He fell from a tall tree branch and punctured his eye which left us no choice but to surgically remove it. Afterward, we knew Milou would have limited depth perception, and we hoped he would show more caution, as other chimpanzees with only one eye have done. But, reckless by nature, Milou soon fell from another tree. Fortunately, he wasn’t seriously injured this time, but we understood he would need to live in a special enclosure without tall trees.

We recently transferred Milou to a safe one-acre enclosure that has many trails through groves of tallish bushes and several artificial climbing structures. Most importantly, he has found nurturing new friends in a group of six older chimpanzees, including disabled adult male Charlos, sweet Tilly, and maturing juvenile Xeko (seen here to the left of Milou).

Thanks to your support, Milou and other orphaned baby chimpanzees get a second chance at life. 

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