The newborn sank to the bottom of their watery prison and died.
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July 14, 2017

In Defense of Animals

Demand SeaWorld Atone for Killing Baby Beluga Whale

It is abundantly clear that beluga whales do not belong in captivity, and SeaWorld just provided the world with further proof. A baby beluga died in the totally unnatural conditions of SeaWorld Orlando’s barren tanks after living only one week after birth. This is unacceptable! Demand SeaWorld release all prisoners to sanctuaries!


In Defense of Animals

Missouri State Representative Brutally Kills Chicken to Somehow Protest Abortion

Missouri State Representative Mike Moon has come under fire for a video he posted to his official Facebook page in June. The video begins with Moon standing beside a chicken who is strung upside down by her feet, fully conscious. Moon then beheads her while she flaps and flails wildly. The politician then begins to wax poetic about God giving us dominion over animals, which we assume is an attempt to justify his horrific and totally unjustifiable act of cruelty. No matter where you stand on the issue of abortion, killing an animal to further a political agenda is repulsive and disrespectful of life. Call on this heartless animal abuser to resign.


In Defense of Animals

Hundreds of Abused Cats and Dogs Saved in the Deep South!

Every day, In Defense of Animals' Hope Animal Sanctuary is asked to take animals from abusive or neglectful homes. These include animals who are dumped and left to fend for themselves, surrendered by guardians who fail to sterilize their animals, or rescued from local pounds. They come to us with internal and external parasites, and skin conditions like mange and fungal infections. Some are emaciated, others have serious injuries and require extensive medical care. We give each and every animal the medical and emotional care they need to heal and prepare for homes where they will be treated as members of the family by their new, loving guardians. This year alone, we have saved hundreds!


In Defense of Animals

Step Up a Gear for Hope Animal Sanctuary!

63 year old grandfather and firm In Defense of Animals supporter Mack ARA Freeman has just finished a 900-mile bike ride from St. Louis, Michigan, to Ontario, Canada, in only 20 days - all for animals! He is so close to raising his fundraising goal of $500. Please help him go the final mile for the animals!


In Defense of Animals

Save Money AND Animals!

Here's your chance to save money and animals! Elephants, cats, dogs, horses, birds, cows, wolves, bears, deer and chimpanzees are just some of the animals who depend on people like you to give them a voice. Join our Animal Advocates team today to save 25% on In Defense of Animals merchandise while you save thousands of animals from abuse and oppression.



In Defense of Animals   In Defense of Animals
In Defense of Animals   In Defense of Animals


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