Dog meat satay was eaten by unsuspecting tourists.
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July 28, 2017

In Defense of Animals

Stop Dog Meat Satay Horror in "Idyllic" Bali

The thought of Bali evokes a visual idyllic paradise rich with culture, rice paddies and spirituality. But now a cruel and dirty secret has been uncovered on this island of paradise - the dog meat trade.


In Defense of Animals

Tell Groupon to Stop Exploiting Elephants at Wildlife Safari!

Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon is shamed in 7th place on our Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants List. This animal abusement facility has been on our list five out of the past six years for its blatant exploitation of elephants for money. Now Groupon is propping up this harmful attraction, putting elephants and members of the public at risk. Say no to Groupon elephant exploitation!


In Defense of Animals

VIDEO: In Defense of Animals Marches to Close all Slaughterhouses!

In Defense of Animals was honored to co-host The March to Close All Slaughterhouses in San Francisco in collaboration with our Bay Area friends including DXE, Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch, and The Humane League. On July 22, over 700 activists marched side-by-side to speak out for cows, pigs, turkeys, chickens, dogs, cats, horses and all animals who are forced to suffer and die for human consumption.


In Defense of Animals

Japan Passes Laws To Resume Commercial Whaling

This is devastating news for whales. Japan has just passed new pro-whaling laws that could result in the resumption of commercial whaling for the first time since a global moratorium was enacted in 1985.


In Defense of Animals

The Inner Lives of Animals

Have you ever wondered what other animals think and feel? Today, science is revealing aspects of animals' inner lives that would have been thought a fantasy just a generation ago. Studies show that all vertebrates, and at least some invertebrates, have the physiology and behavior to experience pain and pleasure - the hallmarks of sentience. Join our special webinar to connect the dots of animal cognition with world-renowned animal sentience scientist, Jonathan Balcombe.



In Defense of Animals   In Defense of Animals
In Defense of Animals   In Defense of Animals


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