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April 27, 2018

In Defense of Animals

Urgent: Protect Grizzlies from Trophy Hunters!

Wyoming and Idaho are considering opening up hunting seasons on grizzly bears as early as this coming fall. Grizzly bears were only delisted as an endangered species less than a year ago. Without protection under the Endangered Species Act, individual states can now decide whether to allow bear hunts. It's clear that Wyoming and Idaho are committed to preventing the long-term recovery of grizzlies. We must stop this hunting bloodbath and protect these indigenous animals!

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In Defense of Animals

Rep. Steve King Is the Devil & We Must Stop Him

Rep. Steve King of Iowa is on a mission to destroy practically every piece of legislation that protects animals passed on the state level, but in one fell federal swoop. Hard-won legislation to protect animals suffering in puppy mills, on fur farms, in dog fighting rings, and on factory farms will be annihilated. Suffering animals will be hit hard and we must act now!

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In Defense of Animals

Governments and Billionaires Increasingly Saying No To Dolphin Captivity

These days, more people are publicly condemning and even going as far as prohibiting dolphin captivity - and this goes far beyond just activists. Increasingly, even those who have an active stake in cetacean captivity are coming to realize what some have been saying for decades: that keeping dolphins and whales captivity is cruel, outdated, and ethically indefensible.

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In Defense of Animals

Join Us for Two Activist Self-Care Events!

This summer is full of animal rights conferences and events, which can be both exciting and overwhelming. To prepare, we’re offering two upcoming activist self-care events. We hope you can join us to recharge your activist batteries and gain tangible skills to build resilience in your daily life.

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In Defense of Animals

Six-week-old Puppy Thrown from Moving Vehicle

We've all received crazy phone calls in our lives. However, few can compare to the call that one In Defense of Animals' team member received on the last Friday of March. A local business owner called, frantically letting her know that a small puppy had actually been thrown from a moving vehicle.

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In Defense of Animals   In Defense of Animals
In Defense of Animals   In Defense of Animals


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