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May 4, 2018

In Defense of Animals

Tethering Ordinance May Have Saved This Strangled Dog

A horrified person spotted a dog lying dead beside a Tupelo, Mississippi residence. The dog had been cruelly chained outside 24/7 and carelessly tethered close by a mass of wiring. The poor dog became entangled and with nobody to help, finally strangled to death. Don't let this happen again!

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In Defense of Animals

Elephant Suffering at Bronx Zoo Whitewashed by Animal Planet

Animal Planet has just aired its second season of a very misleading series called The Zoo, which sanitizes the daily suffering of the three Asian elephants confined at the Bronx Zoo in New York State. One has been solitary for close to a decade, and the other two suffer severely compromised welfare. Animal Planet's "infomercial" for elephant incarceration is an extremely damaging misrepresentation that endangers all elephants who yearn for freedom. It must be pulled immediately!

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In Defense of Animals

Animal Ownership: Is There a Better Way?

The words we use and the way we talk about animals can have a monumental influence on how they are perceived and treated. Each May, we celebrate Guardian Month to promote life-saving language, actions, and values around animal guardianship. This year, we've launched an important pledge to encourage respect for animals — we hope you will join us and make respect for animals part of your language!

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In Defense of Animals

The Humanitarian Church Welcomes Vegans!

Pastor Rob Munro welcomes you to his vegan church in Central New York. which was built in 1821 and recently consecrated by Reverend Frank Hoffman as The Saint Francis of Assisi Parish of The Humanitarian Church. Pastor Rob provides spiritual support to all vegans and animal activists, whom he sees as vegan missionaries. Hear Pastor Rob's story during our upcoming webinar!

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In Defense of Animals

Join Animal Advocates Today!

Have you ever wondered how you can increase your impact for animals? Join our Monthly Giving Program and YOU will be an Animal Advocate all year long! The process is extremely simple, and you may cancel at any time; it is designed to benefit both you and the animals! Thank you for being an In Defense of Animals supporter — for helping us make the world a safer and more compassionate place for all animals.

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In Defense of Animals   In Defense of Animals
In Defense of Animals   In Defense of Animals


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