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Shocking New Elephant Abuse Video From Circus In Greece

Watch the video, then send an e-mail (see below for details)

(if your e-mail program allows Active X controls in e-mails, you should see a video player just above. If not - click here to view the video.)

When IDA recently received this sickening video of a female elephant named Andra being beaten with a bullhook (ankus) at a circus in Greece, we immediately contacted the animal advocates who are working on this situation there.

The Greek organization ARCTUROS reports that the perpetrator is a trainer with an Italian circus named MASSIMO. The video has been released to the media in Greece and it has attracted much attention and concern. Encouragingly, the Minister of Agriculture has apparently issued a press release promising to to ban animal circuses in Greece after the European elections take place. Let's hold the Minister to that pledge.

We have offered to assist these groups with their effort to end animal circuses in Greece and hold this circus accountable for the terrible abuse of Andra by spreading the news internationally and helping them locate experts to assist with their cause.




Stay tuned for further details from IDA as to how you can help. In the meantime, please send an e-mail to the Minister of Agriculture, the Greek parliament, and two major Greek newspapers. Here are all their e-mail addresses in one string to cut-and-paste:;;

And here's a sample letter, which you can use as is, but it will have greater affect if you use your own words:

Sample e-mail:

I am disgusted by the video now circulating on the internet of an elephant being horribly beaten in a circus in Greece.

I strongly urge the Government to immediately  confiscate the elephant from the circus and work with animal welfare groups to place the elephant in a more suitable home. You should also  punish the circus responsible for this abuse.

Finally, I urge you to endorse a ban on the exploitation of animals by circuses in Greece.


Elephant abuse video

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