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News August 20, 2009
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JewelVictory For Tina, Jewel, And Maybe Queenie?

Breaking News! USDA Undersecretary Ann Wright's office has confirmed that Tina and Jewel were confiscated Thursday August 20! Stay tuned for more information!

For two years, IDA and our members have been working tirelessly on behalf of three elephants - Jewel, Tina, and Queenie - suffering in a travelling circus. IDA members have written tens of thousands of letters and e-mails to their Representatives, Senators, and the USDA.

You've made thousands of phone calls. We've held demos across the nation, wherever these poor creatures have been forced to perform their Tina Jewel Queeniedemeaning, unnatural stunts. And, with the assistance of caring people, we have documented their deteriorating condition as they traveled from city to city in the hands of their incompetent and abusive handler.

It appears our efforts have paid off. Victory seems to be very close. Click here to read more!

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Sharp Shinned Hawk AdultExxon Mobil Pleads Guilty To Killing Migratory Birds

The New York Times reports that Exxon Mobil Corp. pleaded guilty in federal court last week to killing at least 85 protected birds, including hawks and owls, in five states. The birds died from exposure to natural gas well reserve pits and waste water storage facilities at Exxon Mobil drilling and production facilities in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming. Read the full New York Times story here.

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National Lawyers Guild handbookNational Lawyers Guild Publishes Guide For Animal Rights Activists

The National Lawyers Guild (NLG), with decades of experience defending and supporting activists, has just published "Operation Backfire: a Survival Guide for Environmental and Animal Rights Activists." The NLG is giving the guide away free at

It's a pocket-sized booklet that features a "know-your-rights" section with advice for handling various legal issues that activists often encounter, especially those involving Constitutional rights.
The NLG also set up a "Green Scare Hotline" at 888-NLG-ECOL (888-654-3265) for more assistance.

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Cloud by Ginger Kathrens Cloud's Final Weeks of Freedom?  Help Save Him and His Family

The Pryor Mountain wild horses in Montana are the descendents of the horses brought to the Americas with the Spanish Conquistadors in 1500. One horse in particular, Cloud, pictured here, and his family are perhaps the most famous wild horses in the world - having been the subject of fascinating documentaries and books. But their fame is not going to protect the herd from a drastic government round up planned to begin September 1. Read more and send an e-mail to government officials.

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Guardians Magazine Spring 2009Free Bulk Copies Of Our Latest Guardians Magazine Available

Got a tabling event or demo coming up? IDA will be happy to send you as many copies as you need (within reason!) of our latest Guardians Magazine.

E-mail Jessica or call (415) 448-0048 x215.



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