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  October 23, 2009
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Pryor wild horsesSpeak Up To Stop Pres. Obama's BAD Wild Horse Plan

IDA opposes the Obama Administration's proposal to manage the nation's wild horses and burros, as announced by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar on October 7. The plan is cloaked in the language of helping horses, but, if approved by Congress, it would destroy the fabric of wild horse society, devastate wild horse populations and lead to the elimination of more western herds.

Read more here, then contact President Obama and your U.S. Senators.

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Cloud by Ginger Kathrens Perfect Timing - October 25, New Wild Horse Documentary On PBS

Watch Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions, the newest installment of Emmy award winning filmmaker Ginger Kathren's marvelous documentary series about America's wild horses, airing on PBS Nature Sunday October 25 at 8 p.m. Click here for a sneak preview

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Vegan button greenWorld Go Vegan Week Starts October 25!

IDA is making it easy to try a vegan diet. Here are some great recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and of course, dessert, plus tips on how to "veganize" any recipe.

Choose from delicious beginnings like fabulous French toast, scones and muffins, a nutritious lunch of fajitas or mock-chicken salad, and a delicious dinner of mushroom pecan burgers, mac-n-cheese casserole or pasta with peanut sauce. And don’t forget about dessert - try pecan pie, lemon cake, strawberry “teesecake,” and, for the chocoholics, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate peanut butter cups!

While we are celebrating World Go Vegan Week, there is some good news for animals on farms. California, the nation’s largest dairy state, became the first state to ban tail-docking of dairy cows. Tail-docking is cutting off the tails of dairy cows for the convenience of the workers. It can cause life-long pain to the cows. Let’s hope that other states follow California's lead.

Also, Michigan enacted a new law that will phase out battery cages, veal crates and gestation crates for pigs, similar to Prop. 2 in California. This makes Michigan the 2nd state to ban battery cages, the 5th to ban veal crates and the 7th to ban gestation crates.

Click the "Events" button at the WGVW web site to find a WGVW event in your town. If you can't attend an event, you can still participate through our Adopt An Activist program!

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Vick Demo Oakland ColiseumIDA Protests Michael Vick And Asks NFL To Ban Animal Fighting

IDA was a powerful and peaceful presence at the Oakland Coliseum for the October 18 game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Oakland Raiders. Click here to see demo photos and some great media coverage. Help convince the NFL to take the lead in steering players away from dogfighting and cockfighting.

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TLC - My Baby Monkey

Ask TV Network TLC To Cancel "My Monkey Baby"

On Sunday October 4, cable network TLC premiered "My Monkey Baby." The show featured a couple who held captive a capuchin monkey as their "daughter," dressing poor "Jessica Marie" in designer clothes, treating her as a human child and doing everything short of enrolling her in soccer camp.

Monkeys do not make good "pets" and it is unnatural and dangerous to treat them as human children. There are about 15,000 non-human primates in private hands in the U.S., and TV programs that appear to promote this are acting irresponsibly. Click here to ask TLC to cancel "My Monkey Baby."


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