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Take The Guardian Pledge!

I am not their owner they are not my property.

IDA’s Guardian Campaign promotes the use of “guardian” instead of “owner” when referring to our animal companions. This shift promotes a more compassionate relationship between people and other species. The term “guardian” does not change legal standing, but it does more accurately describe the responsibility we have for the wellbeing, treatment, care, and quality of life of our animal friends.

The following cities and counties, plus the State of Rhode Island, have added the term “guardian” to their animal-related ordinances: California - Beverly Hills, San Jose, Imperial Beach, Santa Clara County, Albany, Sebastopol, Marin County, San Francisco, West Hollywood, Berkeley; plus Parma, Ohio; Bloomington, Indiana; St. Louis, Missouri; Wanaque, New Jersey; Woodstock, New York; Amherst, Massachusetts; Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin; Sherwood, Arkansas; Boulder, Colorado; and Windsor, Ontario Canada.

As a result of these ordinances, 6,000,000 people have been given the choice to officially be recognized as "Animal Guardians!"

Would you like to add the term "animal guardian" to your city's ordinances? E-mail us at with “Guardian Campaign” in the subject line. But first be sure to take the Guardian Pledge below!

Take the Guardian Pledge to help us determine which cities and states to focus our Guardian Campaign in:

I pledge to:

    Call myself and others "guardian" rather than “owner”
    Make a lifetime commitment to my animal companions
    Adopt animals only  never buy or sell
    Spay or neuter my animal companions for their health and to prevent overpopulation
    Provide nutritious food, fresh water and daily exercise for my animal companions
    Care for the emotional needs of my animal companions
    Refer to my animal companions as “he” or “she,” not “it”

Embedded Survey: Take the Guardian Pledge

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